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Kinsey was a founder member of the West Mids DA, he was regularly the first on site and usually the last to leave, putting out and collecting the signs, helping to dig the elsan pit and filling it in. For his lively hood he taught carpentry in adult education, he was a noted wood carver, if you want to see any of his works they are still on the walls of Liverpool Cathedral, he also did the stations of the cross around the Cathedral.
Kinsey was an ardent Wolves supporter, often travelling back from the DA meets to watch a game, we was also very fit and a keen walker, he climbed Snowdon with the youth sections when he was in his 70's.
He was always on hand to help out on weekends, and seldom missed one, regularly stewarding meets especially in the early days when the number of campers were very small, sometimes only two or three members would turn out, on one occasion only the steward turned up. Kinsey also served several terms as a committee member.
He helped with the youth section, providing transport and back up whenever asked, on one occasion taking part in a fashion show at a youth weekend dressed up in a skirt and blouse with his customary players number 6 dangling from his lips. Where ever Kinsey went so did his faithful hound Shep, a Heinz 57 mongrel who famously featured (in cartoon form) on the covers of the early editions of Around the Anvil newsletter and was found by his side when Kinsey died.

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